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RED Light

Hyperpigmentation & Glow 

Red Light technology uses emissions of light to help smooth wrinkles, increase collagen production, and improve the firmness of the skin. We use leading industry

products delivering FDA approved technology

Red/Blue Light 

Acne Repair & Calm 

Tighten & Smooth Wrinkles

Calm and reduce redness with Blue Light Therapy, in combination with Red Light. this aims to improve the texture of the skin. Therapeutic grade lights combat acne, leaving the skin with an overall improved look.                                 

Red Light & NIR

Tighten & Smooth Wrinkles

The use of light to change the body at an internal level. The use of led at therapeutic grade levels, creates emissions that help to inspire the cell to regenerate, leaving the skin breathtakingly beautiful and renewed.  

Light Therapy

Red Light, NIR, and Bio Light Technology has leveled up the beauty industry. low level light therapy has proven to be a hit among woman all over the country. Results have varied, but include increased collagen production, visible skin tightening, wrinkle smoothing, productive acne clearing, and visible hair improvements. 

LightStim Facial at The Clinical Skin Co
Red Light Therapy Temecula
Lightbox at The Clinical Skin Co.
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We SELL LightStim here!!

The same technology that your Esthetician used in your LightStim Facial, now in a Retail Package for Home Use. This handheld packs a punch by revitalizing the skin, with anti-aging properties, all while  smoothing and lifting.  

LightStim at The Clinical Skin Co

Buy In Spa, and have it shipped to your loved ones directly. There are so many ways to purchase. 

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