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A.M. for Healthy Glowing Skin

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Believe it or not, Healthy Glowing Skin begins with breakfast.

Add these few ingredients to your breakfast routine and your body and skin will thank you.

Drink water first thing in the morning...add Vitamin C packed fruit.....and all before you put on your make up....

A.M.- Drink Water

Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain responds to the intake of water. Its function actually increases as we consume and maintain water balance. Some facts have shown that cognitive brain function declines in times of dehydration. The brain itself is made up of about 75% water; maintaining a good water balance is key for supporting brain function. Drink water first thing in the morning to rid of the fog, and grogginess. Awaken your brain by adding spring water to your morning routine, increasing benefit to the skin. Try using water in your skin routine by mixing your next mask with mineral packed spring water for a healthy glow.

Eat your Vitamins

Oranges and Tangerines are great sources of Vitamin C packed fruit. There are many other sources like blueberries and strawberries that also pack a punch when added to the morning routine. Chase that glow by exploring seeds like Flax and Chia seed, these are natural sources of Omegas including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. These fatty acids are responsible for regulating the inflammatory response in the body. They are also known to improve skin texture and offer defense within the body.

Regulate the Morning Increase fiber intake in the a.m to aid in a daily reset of your digestion system. This is important as many do not consume adequate fiber throughout the day. Oats and grains are a great source of fiber. Look for breakfast grain options with little to no sugar ingredients.

Food & Beauty

Beautiful skin starts with good food and all before you put on your makeup. Consuming foods that contribute and benefit the skin like fresh squeezed, or cut ginger root can save you some money and time in your morning routine. Let ginger root tea pull a double duty, as it benefits gut health and eliminates dirt and excess oil on the skin.

Try this really simple recipe:

Bring water to a rolling boil (approx 24 oz of water)

Add 1-2 fresh circular cuts of ginger root to the water,

Turn off heat after 1-2 minutes. Do not remove from stove.

Place a lid over and steep.

Drink the lightly flavored tea hot and cool the extra tea to use as a facial toner.

(For a bolder tea, boil the root for approx 10 min, dilute toner with spring water) For a cold drink option, use the cooled tea as ginger water for a delicious twist on an Aqua Fruit Infusion on Ice. So many delicious ways to use this root, Ginger Root boasts versatility.

Splash on toner or fill a small spray bottle and use with care to avoid the eyes. Another option is to soak a natural cotton round to apply. Whatever you choose to do, make it easy, it's early and the last thing you need to do is fiddle with your skincare. Natural options often require preparation, and the loss of convenience steer woman away from choosing these options. The prep time on this powerful Ginger Root toner is minimal. The secret benefits of beautiful, glowing skin are just sitting there in your kitchen, explore in your quest for natural and clean skincare.


Ginger Root has antibacterial properties and works great in the fight against acne, not to mention it's amazing at creating fresh and glowing skin. Although this is a gentle version of a ginger root toner, dry and sensitive skin should take care as this toner is great at removing excess oil from the face. Ginger Root can also be juiced and made into a powerful all natural Ginger Root Serum Brightening Rinse. Another idea is to simply add a slice of lemon to your tea after turning off heat for a simple Ginger Root and Lemon Astringent. Whatever recipe you decide to use, follow it up with The Clinical Skin Co. Fine Facial Oils, for a super smooth and moisturized feel.

Ginger Root Tea Toner is a simple 2 ingredient skin product. It has no preservatives and this recipe is made to be used immediately, with little waste, so bottling it may not be necessary. If you only get around to drinking Ginger Root Tea once a week you would be adding a seriously beneficial superfood to your skincare routine. Imagine the benefits of healthy, clean glowing skin.

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