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The Clinical Skin Co. is a woman owned company. We serve to empower and support women in all ways. As a community, we are stronger together. 

Behind The Mask

Behind the Mask was launched in July 2019. It offers U.K. hair and beauty professional’s free online training to help them spot the signs that someone may be experiencing domestic abuse and how they could respond in the best way. The Clinical Skin Co. is delighted to be one of a growing number of hair dressers / salons | beauty therapists / salons to take this special training. Domestic Abuse may take one or more forms that could be physical, psychological, sexual, harassing, coercive or controlling. Given that domestic abuse includes a wide range of behaviours, it can be hard to spot and injuries may be masked by clothing or makeup. Around 1 in 4 women will experience abuse in their lifetime. On average, 2 women are killed each week. For many reasons, some may not tell no one what’s going on.  ….During 2018, beauty therapist Julie Knight asked UK hair and beauty professionals for their views on the necessity of such a programme and how to make it really accessible. 100% of over 200 respondents said it was necessary. 98% said that a short online training programme would make it easier to use. With their help, the name was chosen. Julie consulted a number of interested parties to help inform the training programme along with her personal insight and professional knowledge given her past career in policing that spans nearly 30 years.


All of our Advanced Training Courses will include the Behind The Mask Course with Certification. If you are not our student but would still like to participate in the growing number of beauty service providers who champion the cause, please feel free to click here to complete the participation certificate training. Register your account and proceed to the training, with same day certification.

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